I am rooted, but I flow.”-Virginia Woolf

~ I am a Literature and Film Graduate, with a Master’s degree in Film, Photography and Media, and interdisciplinary tendencies. I like reading and analysing, as well as creating stories through writing, photography, digital art, and film.

~ Some recurring themes will be the Gothic, the uncanny, memories, dreams and surrealism, eerie phenomena, the charm of ruins and abandoned places, as well as the liminal space between fantasy and reality, and between life and death.

~ I am fascinated by dreams & the unconscious, and the way in which they are reflected in the visual arts. I often experience Proustian moments of uncanny remembrances: Anything from a scent I feel when a stranger passes by, to an indistinct voice or a whisper, a shape on the pavement, a doll in the Antiques store, can carry me away on their wings to the past. Sometimes I explore this concept through photography.

~ Among my favourite photographers, you can find Francesca Woodman, Sally Mann, Man Ray, Duane Michals, Gregory Crewdson, Krist Mort, Mira Nedyalkova, and Laura Makabresku. My visual arts appreciation extends to cinematic movements as well, especially expressionist and Gothic horror, neo-noir, sci-fi, and fantasy, and to paintings, with a preference for the Pre-Raphaelites, the Symbolists, and the Surrealists.



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