Diana Marin is a social media professional specialising in art and film marketing. Skilled in Social Media Management, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Strategy, Visual Branding, Copywriting, and Content Writing, Diana provides a variety of digital service packages you can choose from. After having an in-depth discussion about your company mission, objectives, previous activity, and projects, she will develop a creative social media strategy that is uniquely adapted to your business, conduct insightful social media audits for your channels, and create engaging, visually consistent content that aligns with your brand vision, objectives, and with the latest digital tactics and trends.

Having a keen sense of aesthetics and a visual & multimedia background, Diana can curate, organise, and design content that will make your social media presence glow up, keeping your feed flowing and luring new customers. In addition to ensuring positive first impressions through visual branding elements, Diana will also maintain your audience engaged by providing valuable, quality content using her writing talent and niche-specific knowledge and making sure your message reaches the right audience by following best practices in marketing and social media.

“Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order.”

— V. Woolf

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Basic Social Media Management Package

3 Posts per week (Primary Platforms: Instagram & Facebook)

2 Stories per week

Writing & Scheduling Content

Account Management and Brief Engagement


Intermediate Social Media Management Package

Profile Optimisation

Editorial Calendar

5 Posts per week

3 Stories per week

Writing & Design included

Account Management and Engagement

Monthly Analytics Reports


Advanced Social Media Management Package

Profile Optimisation

Social Media Audit

Editorial Calendar

Content Strategy

Writing, Photography, & Design included

Account Management and Engagement

Monthly Analytics Reports

Ads Management

Visual Rebranding

Daily Posts and Stories


Separate Services

Visual Rebranding


Social Media Graphics

Blog Posts

Hashtag Research


My visual art reviews, creative writing, resources, and more.

More about Diana

Diana Marin is a social media enthusiast, art lover, cinephile, and passionate creative content writer. She is a Literature and Film Studies Graduate, with a Master of Arts in Film, Photography, and Media, and professional certifications in social media and digital marketing. She likes exploring and embracing the multifaceted nature of her mind, artistic potential, and of the world through interdisciplinary interests. She is the curator and editor of the Uncanny Archive. Some of the themes she has researched and been inspired by throughout the years include the uncanny, memories, identity, dreams, and the Unconscious mind.

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Visual Branding Tips for Social Media in the Arts

Art companies and visual artists have to meet high expectations of visual excellence on social media. Find your UNIQUE visual approach to make your social media presence SHINE. Turn your feed into a work of art.
If you work in the arts, don’t neglect the importance of all visual aspects in your social media strategy. They have to be harmoniously intertwined, to achieve the best results & boost engagement.

Resurrections of renowned artworks

Here are a few examples of more or less obscure (this is why Loving Vincent is not on this list) representations and recreations of famous artworks through fine art photography, film, animations, and video installations. In Derek Jarman’s stylised historical drama shot in 35mm film, Caravaggio (1986), the director creates an engrossing, dreamlike fictionalised accountContinue reading “Resurrections of renowned artworks”

The Uncanny Archive

Diana Marin is the curator and editor of The Uncanny Archive, a digital art platform featuring uncanny photography, fine art, and films, with the aim of exploring the Freudian phenomenon of the uncanny through art, as well as the connections between art and the human psyche.

With an active social media presence and over 80k organically-gathered followers, the Uncanny Archive has remained a consistent source of connection and art appreciation for engaged, devoted worldwide fans. Its mission is promoting and analysing haunting artworks created by both established and emerging artists. To check out Diana’s in-depth interviews with artists, visit The Uncanny Archive website:

Diana became fascinated with the Uncanny during her Master’s Degree at the University of Leeds. After writing essays on the uncanny in film and incorporating the uncanny in her creative/multimedia practice, she started a digital project anchored in the same enigmatic concept by curating relevant art, collaborating with contemporary artists, and writing compelling, thought-provoking, art-related content for social media platforms and the uncanny website.

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