Vision of the uncanny


These photographs are part of the Uncanny series.

I’ve felt an urge to make things historically dark and more abstract- having something to do with Duane Michals, Francesca Woodman and the photo-novel of La Jetée, and more strongly with a long inner conflict about whether colour sometimes takes away from the intensity and the visceral experience of a photograph.
Now that I finished my degree, I decided to focus more on photos individually, rather than as fragments that are going to be part of a straightforward greater narrative. By this, I mean the photograph needs to convey more on its own as well, when it comes to both aesthetic and concept.
No longer pressured by deadlines, spontaneous moments of inspiration can take over.

Of course, I will still occasionally post photographs documenting beautiful objects and places during explorations, which I am afraid will be scarcer than other times due to significant commitments until January or February.

9 Replies to “Vision of the uncanny”

  1. hadorable says:



  2. I just Twitted this post and added you to our feed. Stunning.

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  3. KattStrike says:

    Oh my god, I love these! You’re very talented Diana!

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  4. Cakeordeath says:

    I really like these Diana…I have posted about Woodman and the uncanny has a large part to play in my aesthetic (that’s sound high-faultin)


  5. Hi, Diana! I really like this series.

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