Fine Art Photography PROJECTS


Requiem for the Awakening

Diana Marin’s photographic project, Requiem for the Awakening, is a postmodern audio-visual trip, visual poetry constructed primarily from still photographs, moving image, and piercing, post-modernist monologue. Her activity included single-handedly editing, photographing, filming, as well as recording sound and voice-over to crystallise a concept that was inspired by her own dream experience. Read more:



Diana Marin’s photographic poem, “Uncanny” revolves around the uncanny connection between two women and the ambiguous intersection of separate timelines. As the visual narrative unfolds, the connection between the two enigmatic characters grows to be stronger and more intimate. The enticing imagery is accompanied by a haunting, atmospheric, emotional piano melody and a monologue filled with lyricism. The natural landscape is infused with echoes from the past, whilst the two characters can be found gracefully running through idyllic fields, like diaphanous nymphs. Read more:

For more photography projects, check out my online photography portfolio via Tumblr:

“unwavering- your core,
honey-mouthed- your discourse,
your silence […]”

Read my Selected Poems here:

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