A poem: Polarising

You were polarising-
in so many ways,
your vibe confused the hell out of me
and the ambivalence made me
I met you at a time when
I didn’t know the best things in life
are somewhat polarising,
they tend to be transformative,
with their stimulating powers
I liked transparency, I still do,
but you had authenticity,
your polarising effect was
not a play, not intentional and
definitely not ill-intentioned
it was pure and unfiltered and yet,
despite your genuine madness,
a friendship couldn’t survive
Now it’s far too late,
And, albeit more mature than back then and
still sticking to openly blissful patterns,
I’m also tinged with jadedness
in the human relations sector

2 thoughts on “A poem: Polarising

  1. You’re a poet AND a photographer? Wow, inspiring! I’m a poet too. I’ve read one of your latest, and it kinda reminded me of mine that you liked that other day (thank you for that by the way). I’d say I’m a “photographer”, but it’s kind of a misnomer because I’m not naturally inclined at it, but I practice when I have the time.
    Cheers! ❤

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    • Diana Marin says:

      Thank you! Hmm what do you mean you are not naturally inclined towards it?
      I’m not into commercial photography, I have been into fine art photography but right now I’m focusing more on writing. I think most commercial photographers rely on hard work, practice, and technicalities to improve the (commercial) quality of their shots. And fine art photographers often direct the models (in case they shoot portraits), organise the mise-en-scene, choose locations, think of the concepts they want to portray, etc, so you could argue it’s not just a natural tendency, since in many cases it’s a premeditated process. Of course, there are also those who prefer candid photography and love spontaneity and visualise the right angle and framing of a landscape in their mind, but there are so many approaches to photography, so I wouldn’t worry about natural inclinations 🙂 as long as you enjoy it

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