A poem: Wayward girl

You step out of the darkness
into the light,
then into the darkness again
carrying sapphire light within you-
your inner compass, your greatest strength
Carefree, out of the corner of your eye
you see shadows shy away from your
disarming nature;
you are an unlikely saviour
awakened in serendipity-
you give them freedom to either
spend their existence haunting
or let your light guide them and peel
the darkness without pain
Unencumbered by shadows,
you embrace them whilst
your mind renews itself,
white magic, healing witch, infinite soul
You walk towards locked doors
and pass through them effortlessly
the key is your charming,
revitalisating smirk,
wayward girl,
your obstinate nature makes sure
your dreams live on
and turn into phantoms haunting
new, greater dreams.

5 thoughts on “A poem: Wayward girl

  1. Nitin Lalit says:

    So, I’m reading through some of your work, and it’s extremely good. You put up a copyright warning before taking it down. It’s sad that there’s a website which is copying your work and then selling it to students. Or intending to. Let them reap trouble if they sow the seeds of plagiarism. You have a sharp, analytical mind, and you articulate your thoughts brilliantly. The imagery used in this poem is wonderful.


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