If I believed in reincarnation, I would want to come back as a fairy or a nymph in my next life.

If you wish to support my creative pursuits: https://dianamarin.com/support/

What I love:

• writing compelling, thought-provoking, art-related content for social media platforms and websites
• exploring and embracing the multifaceted nature of my mind, artistic potential, and of the world through interdisciplinary interests.
• my project, the Uncanny Archive, a digital art platform promoting and analysing haunting art, photographs, and films, with the aim of exploring the Freudian phenomenon of the uncanny through art, as well as the connections between art and the human psyche
• research revolving around the uncanny, memories, identity, dreams, and the Unconscious mind
• art cinema
• aesthetic chills
• psychology, metaphysics, and metamorphosis
• coming up with digital content ideas and effective tactics and techniques tailored for social media management in the art and film world. (Check this out on Instagram: @socialmedianart )

What I can help YOU with:

• Social Media Management
• Content Writing
• Social Media Marketing
• Digital Content Strategy
• Brand Awareness

I am interested in working with clients from the arts & film industry.

Links: my Musings, Film Reviews, Photography Reviews, Prose, Poetry.