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Dual Vocation

Diana Marin is a social media professional, art lover, and cinephile who is interested in working with clients from the art and film worlds. Diana’s academic background in literature, film, photography, and media, professional certifications in social media and digital marketing, creative practice in fine art photography, as well as her research in art marketing and psychology have prepared her to fulfil her purpose, namely enhancing understanding of art and film, as well as encouraging meaningful discourse about the psychology of art. She achieves this by planning, writing, editing, photographing, and designing compelling, thought-provoking, art-related content for social media platforms and websites and coming up with digital content ideas and effective tactics and techniques tailored for social media management in the art and film worlds.

As a passionate creative writer with additional experience in content writing, Diana is interested in exploring the themes of the uncanny, memories, identity, dreams, the Unconscious mind, mental health disorders, the process of sublimation, and channelling mental health conditions into art. She has researched and incorporated these themes in both her creative writing and content writing. Diana is interested in psychology, metaphysics, & metamorphosis.

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London, UK