About Diana

Diana Marin is a social media professional, art lover, creative writer, fine art photographer, and cinephile who is interested in working with clients from the creative and mental health industries. Along with her studies and professional qualifications, her research in art marketing and psychology have prepared her to fulfil her purpose, namely enhancing understanding of art and film, as well as encouraging meaningful discourse about the psychology of art. She achieves this by planning, writing, editing, photographing, and designing compelling, thought-provoking content for social media platforms and websites and coming up with digital content ideas and effective social media tactics and techniques.

As a passionate creative writer with additional experience in content writing, Diana is interested in exploring the themes of the uncanny, memories, identity, dreams, the Unconscious mind, mental health disorders, the process of sublimation, and channelling mental health conditions into art. She has researched and incorporated these themes in both her creative writing and content writing, which included conducting in-depth interviews with fine art photographers, writing content on mental health topics, as well as publishing articles and blog posts focused on psychology and the psychology of film. Diana’s personal interests include mind uploading, metaphysics, & metamorphosis.


Professional Certificate in Social Media

Social Media Certification

Advanced Content Marketing, Marketing Tools, Social Media for Small Businesses, Strategy & Optimisation

Digital Marketing Certificate

Educational Background

Diana Marin has a Master of Arts in Film, Photography, and Media from the University of Leeds – School of Media and Communications and a Bachelor of Arts in Literature & Film from the University of Essex. Her work consisted of both practical and theoretical components. The theoretical aspect included applying cultural theory, psychological, & philosophical concepts to film, photography, and literature.

Having a refined sense of aesthetics and a visual & multimedia background, Diana can make your social media presence shine by producing compelling, engaging content and maintaining an aesthetically cohesive feed. Along with the value brought by her creative side, her analytical nature will ensure she will develop a successful, results-driven social media strategy, gain valuable insights that will help your business grow, and establish & meet objectives for your company. Using her passion and niche-specific knowledge of art & film marketing and strong interest in and awareness of psychology research, she can regularly create informed, insightful, stimulating, and inspiring content for your brand. As someone with a talent for content and copy writing, she can write effective captions for social media & thought-provoking, SEO-friendly blog posts and articles for your website.

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