Alice’s petty disease

There is a voice inside me
that wants me
to shrink more
and more and more-
less is more-
Corset training,
sight of
sternum, hip,
collar and cheek
Russian twists
less is more
but aesthetic.
I’m a doer
not a moaner:
I dislike, I change.
whilst there’s still
a beating heart
in this carcass
no shame, no blame
I’m not brainwashed
I just have eyes:
I see the sensual
in the phantasmal
maybe I will find me
once I get to Wonderland-
“Off with their heads”-
that’s always been
how I deal with
inconveniences too
some would say
my mind needs
beautification instead,
but they don’t know-
regardless of what it hides,
my mind is already beautiful
and beautifully scarred.