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Reflections in puddles

On a rainy day in late July, I went for a stroll in Hyde Park to capture moving images of nature. I was particularly on a quest of finding moments and details that would otherwise perhaps pass without being noticed or fully admired – abstract elements inducing reverie. My favourite

Monochrome emptiness

Liverpool cathedral can be found at the intersection between reality and a noir sci-fi dystopia.

British Cemeteries

“A Dream within A Dream” St Georges Fields, the former Woodhouse Cemetery, is the perfect place for eerie strolls. When architecture and trees submerge in the dreamlike fog, everything looks surreal.  

Nature and femininity: uncanny

Our life was sometimes filled with adventures, running and hiding in the woods, and laughter. Other times, with meditations on art, history, and our place in the universe. There was nothing we could not share between us. Our bond always seemed to have a cosmic strength. Sometimes we did things

Still life photography: detail


A poem: Wither

I gather tokens of death in appearance fragile- with thorns hidden underneath. A hand reaches out… Blood lingers on thin skin. Petals burn, Smoke intoxicates: you breathe it in. Funeral words carved in marble skin- paralysed, you listen blindly as they inhale life.  

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