A game of subconscious associations

There is a cute game you can play with someone you’re just getting to know – potential friends or romantic partners. It’s pretty old and well-known and as questionable as dream symbolism interpretations; I unpublished this blog entry before because although it’s associated with relational psychology, it can be considered pseudo-psychology, but here we go.

Ask them:

  1. What is your favourite colour? And tell me three reasons why.
  2. What is your favourite animal? And why? Describe them using three adjectives.
  3. What is your favourite body or form of water? Again, list three qualities behind your choice.

Answer these questions for yourself now too, before you read further into this. Try not to use superficial, unimaginative reasons.

Like other associations that tap into your subconscious, each answer supposedly reveals other aspects about themselves:

  1. How you describe your favourite colour reveals how you view yourself.
  2. The qualities you attribute to your favourite animal represent what your ideal romantic partner is like. Another version of this says it actually represents how others view you.
  3. The last question refers to how you perceive your sexuality or your attitude towards sex and/or love.

Even if the associations are merely speculative, it could nonetheless be interesting to see at least how they/you relate to them. And it’s always good to get a sense of people’s relationships with animals so you can determine any red flags like psychopathy. These were my answers, followed by reflections.

  1. Sometimes it’s black, but that’s technically not a colour and also, for me it’s more of an aesthetic preference regarding fashion style and hair. In this context I associate black with the words dark, elegant, and mysterious. Otherwise, it’s definitely blue – leaning towards dark turquoise hues. I associate blue with freedom, fluidity, serenity, and depth. As far as the implications are concerned, I’m not so sure about ‘serene’. I have a fluid personality, and serenity only applies sometimes, so it’s not a fixed defining characteristic. Because I always oscillate between black and blue when someone asks this question in any context, perhaps this also hints at my dislike for limitations to a particular way of being, or perhaps it’s about seeming versus being.

  2. Dogs, wolves, snow leopards, cats, or polar bears? But I also like deer! I can’t pick one.
    It’s not easy to choose between cats and dogs when it comes to domestic animals, but I’d say my favourites are dogs. Typically, I’d describe them as cute, friendly, affectionate, and loyal.
    I have loved polar bears ever since I was little, probably ever since I read a Romanian story, “Fram, the polar bear”; I love polar bears because they are adorable and peaceful (when they’re not bothered or hunting), and I guess also because I associate them with my childhood (hence a purer perception of the world). It’s fascinating and calming to watch documentaries about polar bears; I like their whole vibe and that they live in the middle of icy nowhere.
    I also admire snow leopards a lot, because they’re beautiful, agile and strong, elusive, and solitary, living their best life in the mountains. Nicknamed “Ghosts of the mountains”, they are crepuscular, like me. Despite their wild, predatorial nature, they don’t generally attack humans, even when they’re feeding. They can be found thriving at the highest altitudes.
    Deer are pretty transfixing to me because they’re graceful, peaceful, and they have depth and gentleness in their eyes.
    Anyway, since I couldn’t pick one, I’m gonna say I appreciate all these traits. Taking into account the other interpretation of this question, as in, if this question actually shows how others view me rather than what I want in a partner, then the feline would probably be the most accurate. My spirit animal is probably a feline. A shapeshifting feline: a cat morphing into a leopard at will.

  3. My favourite body of water would be small streams/creeks/rivers that you can find in the woods. So relaxing and refreshing, elevating, ever flowing. I also like lakes that you can find in certain caves, the ones with transparent crystalline blue water. Because they are enigmatic, pristine, and hidden. I love waterfalls, but I can’t find the right words to fully describe why. Maybe I like their impetuousness and dreaminess. I love the sea and its unpredictability; I especially like being in it when it is windy or after a storm when the waves are tumultuous. Not going to attempt to interpret all these qualities in relation to the subjects of sex and love; I suppose all of this could mean my feelings towards sex and/or love represent an enigma even for me, that I have a changing attitude in this regard or I appreciate variety and self-exploration.