Social Media Content Ideas for the Mental Health Industry

I have written a list of content ideas for mental health professionals and organisations planning to establish a striking digital presence that adds value to people’s lives, engages their target audience, as well as turning their followers into brand advocates:

  • Post educational content about mental health conditions, including an overview of risk factors, warning signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment options. If you are comfortable in front of the camera, conveying this information in a video format would help you establish a good rapport with your audience. Thought-provoking text posts, memorable captions, visually compelling social media graphics, and stimulating animations can also be impactful.

  • Create statistical infographics to show the scale of certain problems and raise awareness about significant topics.

  • Create mental health awareness campaigns, embracing trends: Have a mental health calendar with relevant dates e.g. Time to Talk Day, Mental Health Awareness Month, World Mental Health Day, Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Stress Awareness Month, World Bipolar Day, Anti-bullying week, University Mental Health Day, etc.

  • Host Q&A sessions where followers can ask questions about mental health concerns and you can provide insightful answers about therapy options, mindfulness practices, building a mental health support system, and healthy coping strategies.

  • Collaborate with influencers to spread the message aligned with your mission or share the stories of public mental health advocates who adopt a destigmatising approach when discussing mental health topics.

  • Use CTAs to build rapport and increase engagement. For instance: Encourage your followers to participate in a self-care challenge using a specific hashtag or to tag a friend who has helped their mental wellbeing in the comments section.

For further details, the exhaustive list, and valuable takeaways to inform the content strategy of a mental health brand overall, check out the full blog post on my SMM website: