2 thoughts on “status quo

  1. The confusion may be not that we have mistaken seeming and its appearances and superficialities for being; this confusion perhaps stems first from believing that there could ever have been a separate, isolated self to be anything for it to be like being in the first place. We displaced the emptiness we originally and correctly intuited within ourselves in this way upon the world and created all this bubbling, blustering consensus confusion and seeming facade. The self is little more than that empty tenament block within which this mirrored emptiness of culture and shared experience dwells briefly and plays in patterns like puddles and splashes of ideas or memory. We paint bright symmetries and enigmatic runes in this shared darkness, so rarely perceiving that the only reality of self (or other and that which is us beyond the brute facts of pure physical, corporeal extension) is probably only in what is shared in language and cultural memory. The slow symbolic dance of two emptinesses (self and world), locked in tidal orbit around one another and this resonance and symmetry may be the primary and only lonely reality; again, a something defined as the mid-point between two nothings – we project our own emptiness upon this tenuous middle ground and attempt through this to obscure the emptiness in all of us. We are failing miserably (in all of this self-deceit) at fooling ourselves and this at least in part explains the current parlous state of the world…


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