What Diana can help you with:

Social Media Management
Diana can manage your social media channels, designing a results-driven strategy for each platform. With knowledge of best practice in art marketing on Instagram and Facebook, as well as emerging platforms, she can make your digital presence glow, leveraging social media effectively to grow your creative business.

Content Production & Content Writing
Diana creates inspiring, impactful content that aligns with your digital strategy and goals and with the latest digital trends. With her background in film and photography, she can create immersive, visually appealing imagery and video content – a vital asset for any business. Using her writing talent, she can convey your story in memorable ways through words that resonate with your audience, imbuing your brand with that special quality that brings customers back.

Digital Content Strategy
From determining the most relevant content pillars for your audience and using a wide spectrum of content formats to analysing and focusing on top-performing content for each channel, Diana will design a strategy that is effective and results-driven.

Brand Awareness
Diana will build brand awareness and loyalty through social media. She will make people connect with your brand, ultimately converting them into loyal customers and brand advocates. With her visual background, she can pay close attention to visual branding – an essential aspect in the art field.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more details about my rates and packages. Custom packages are available to suit your needs and budget.

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