Her Rebirth

Haunted by Ophelia’s phantom,enraptured by vernal murmurs,she succumbs to dreaminesslost in the streamof consciousnesscarried away by Woolf’s whispersand echoes of myth froma scent of white Narcissus-fluid nostalgia in full bloom-she remembers her touchbefore the plunge;the sacred memory shattersunderwater-her pale skin resurfaces-she is beaming;her alter ego withersunderwaterNature witnesses an act of self-love.

A poem: The ark

I dream of emerald grass,sapphire waves,idle legs shimmering on marble,crystalline laughterI miss this-Do I miss myself-this self?let’s enjoy it while it lastsbefore the tide of darkness floodsour frail worldI want a fresh view:we unfold – the tides unfoldwe walk on waterwe get to the ark-how do we lift the anchor?it’s so heavy, heavy, reflectingthe heaviness ofContinue reading “A poem: The ark”

Various poems

Catatonic state I feel your ashes like quicksand I’m sucked into so I’m standing still trying to enjoy the view.   Your faith I never confessed this but your faith helped keep me anchored in myself whenever the currents started hitting from all sides. I just wanted to thank you for still existing in myContinue reading “Various poems”