Various poems

Catatonic state

I feel your ashes
like quicksand
I’m sucked into
so I’m standing still
trying to enjoy the view.


Puppet show

those frightened girls-
your marionettes are so sweet;
I point at the strings
inserted in their brains
but they won’t look up,
they’re in a trance.
Doesn’t it get lonely
up there? Nevertheless,
your show was
a guilty pleasure
I appreciate you
as an artist and
I would despise you
as a human being
if I didn’t understand
what guided you-
unfortunately, I do, so
I’m just going to pretend
that you don’t exist
so I don’t have to see
echoes of you
inside me.
I would rather keep to those
who bring out the best in me.


Your faith

I never confessed this but
your faith helped keep me
anchored in myself
whenever the currents started
hitting from all sides.
I just wanted to thank you
for still existing in my mind.



Extensions of me
are ramifying under
your skin.
Does it hurt when
I unravel your bloody



As you weed them out,
slowly, the space between
you and the other you-
both mental concepts-
will become smaller
and smaller
until they merge into one
at which point you will look
around, filled with life,
no longer tainted, you will
open your eyes and see
the discrepancy is abolished
but so is everything else.

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