Follow my virtual space to read excerpts of my prose, poems, and musings, and discover my insights and perspectives by keeping up to date with articles I write on other websites. I create content exploring the fields of psychology (especially psychiatric conditions), film (particularly film symbolism and the psychology of film), and social media marketing within the arts and mental health sectors.

As a writer, I tend to explore the themes of the uncanny, memory, identity, dreams, the Unconscious mind, mental health disorders, liminal spaces, the process of sublimation, and channelling mental health conditions into art. I’m also fascinated with metaphysics, metamorphosis, and the futuristic concept of mind uploading. I research and incorporate these interests into both my creative and content writing.

To stay up to date with my analysis of digital marketing tactics and trends for the arts and mental health sectors or check out my digital package offers, follow my blog and website at www.dianamarindigital.com

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